Friday, March 25, 2011


I can't believe that they are here too! After Deftones and all... it's time for more gen-y music band to come and perform in Malaysia! I have been hearing their songs and hooked up since I was in my primary school and now they are coming!

Date: 22, 24 & 30 APRIL 2011 

Time: 8:30pm 

Venue: PISA Stadium, Penang
Plenary Hall, KLCC, KL
SUKPA Stadium, Kuantan

Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) fans are in for a treat - the Danish pop act is scheduled to visit Malaysia this April and the band will be on a three city tour covering Kuala Lumpur, PPenang and Kuantan.

Presented by MBI International, the upcoming tour of this legendary soft rock band will take the stage of Penang Pisa Stadium on 22 April, Kuala Lumpur KLCC Plenary Hall on 24 April and Kuantan Sukpa Stadium on 30 April 2011, featuring all of their popular songs as well as new ones from their recent album, Eternity, brought out under their own independent label, MLTR Music.

MLTR recorded a sell-out concert here in Malaysia back in 2009 and this popular Danish soft rock band does seem to have a strong fan base as all 6,000 seats at the hall were filled with groupies who seemed to know every word of the band's songs.

MLTR has been enthralling audiences all across the globe since the past 2 decades. The band is regarded as one of the finest 'pop makers' ever to have hit the global music arena.

Comprising lead vocals and keyboardist Jascha Richter, drummer Kare Wanscher and guitarist Mikkel Lentz, the well known Danish pop trio has more than 8 million recordings to its credit since its professional debut in 1991.

Few of MLTR's chartbuster albums include: Colours, Played on Pepper, Nothing to Lose, Blue Night and Eternity. Some of their evergreen hits include: The Actor, Sleeping Child, Someday, That's Why (You Go Away), Breaking My Heart, It's Only Love, Nothing to Lose and You Took My Heart Away.

Organized by Star Planet, tickets for the MLTR World Tour Live in Malaysia 2011 are priced at RM323 (VIP), RM223 (PS1), RM163 (PS2), and RM103 (PS3). Tickets are open for sale with a 15% discount extended on limited tickets only.

Below are my favorite hits from MLTR! :)

I can't wait to lay my hands on the concert tickets and enjoy their live performance!

.: Peace Out :.

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  1. I love MLTR too! But, since I am practically broke, won't be able to go see them. So sad :(